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Game Review: D’Backs @ Mets, April 24th, 2011

            Put it in the books! The Mets have risen on Easter Sunday, with their first series sweep of the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

            Things got off to a great start, when pitcher Jon Niese had a 1,2,3 inning, including two strike-outs. That wasn’t the best part though. Third-baseman David Wright had a 1-out, two-run home run to left field.

            Niese’s pitching stayed strong for his entire appearance, going seven innings giving up six hits and three runs, with two walks and three strike-outs. Even with those strong stats, the offense is what made the game, making the typically home-run robbing Citi Field the location for a new home-run derby. In the bottom of the third with the bases loaded, catcher Josh Thole hit a sacrifice fly to center field to score Wright. One at-bat later, center fielder Jason Pridie got his first major-league home run, launching a three-run blast over the fences.

An inning later, David Wright struck again, with another shot into left field. Birthday boy Carlos Beltran would score on an Ike Davis single later that inning.

            The bull pen made things interesting in Niese’s relief for a while, but no major damage was done. As a result, the Mets seem to have hit a groove, as they prepare to enter a road series against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday. 

Game Review: Astros @ Mets April 19th, 2011

            Here we go again. After coming off a win against Atlanta on Sunday, the Mets returned to their usual play last night with a 6-1 loss to Houston, bringing the boys to a 5-12 record.

            Without even waiting a while before letting things start to fall apart, the team found themselves losing after just the first inning. That would happen again, in the fourth, and the seventh, and the eighth. Starting pitcher Jon Niese had trouble finding a groove with 113 pitches in six innings, and five walks and three K’s. The relief wasn’t any better, giving up four runs on four hits over the course of five relief pitchers.

            The offense didn’t do much to keep themselves in the game either. After Angel Pagan double in the second, the Mets did not see another hit until Carlos Beltran homered in the seventh to put the team on the board. Newly brought up Met Justin Turner singled following the HR, but it had no effect.

            As if the team already had enough going against it, last night’s umpires didn’t do anything but make the situation worse. In what may have been some of the worst game-calling I have ever seen, the Mets could not catch a break. Any pitches that were close, or even strikes in some cases, were called as balls. A fumbling of the ball by Bobby Parnell was called a balk and resulted in a run for the ‘Stros. Ike Davis clearly picked a base runner off, but he was still called safe anyway, and, worst of all, Jose Reyes was called out even though the ball was obviously dropped by the Astros. It was all a disaster. Manager Terry Collins came out to argue the play involving Reyes, but he appeared to be too calm about the manner, and simply jogged back to the dugout moments later.

            And with all that brought a title that isn’t too surprising for Mets fans- the worst team in the MLB. Yupp, the Mets are now officially in 30th place. Congratulations, reporters, the Mets are right where you said they would be. Well, at least they’re consistent.

Game Review: Rockies @ Mets April 11, 2011

            Even with an improved start from pitcher Mike Pefrey, the Mets still couldn’t pull it together to get a win to open the home series against the Colorado Rockies.

            After Dan Murphy scored in the first inning off of a hit by Carlos Beltran, the New York team could not keep the lead, and ended up losing 7-6 due to bad pitching. Although Big Pelf had improved from his first two starts, he still have up four runs in 5.1 innings of work. Relievers Ryota Igarishi, Tim Byrdak and Jason Isringhausen gave up two hits in 1.2 innings of work combined. Bobby Parnell, however, was not as successful, giving up 3 runs, including a homerun to Troy Tulowitzki in just an inning pitched.

            The Mets were not able to come back to match the seven runs, despite a pair of triples from Jose Reyes, and 5 RBI’s from David Wright, Willie Harris, and Ike Davis thanks to a homer and sacrifice fly, double, and sacrifice, respectively.  

            Despite putting up a fight, and appearing to be in the game almost all night, the Mets fell short yet again, and lost the first game of a series for the third time. With Jon Niese on the mound tomorrow, hopefully the boys will be able to put up a W, and keep the chance to win their first home series of the 2011 season. 

Game Results! Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Here are the game results for Sunday, April 10, 2011:

Nationals-7, Mets-3 (Final 11)

Royals-9, Tigers-5

Rockies-6, Pirates-5

Rangers-3, Orioles-0

Phillies-3, Braves-0

Marlins-1, Astros-7

Rays-1, White Sox-6

A’s-5, Twins-3

Cubs-5, Brewers-6

Blue Jays-1, Angels-3

Dodgers-2, Padres-7

Cardinals-6, Giants-1

Indians-6, Mariners-4

Reds-8, D’Backs-10

Yankees-0, Red Sox-4

Game Review: Nationals @ Mets April 8th, 2011

            It’s not getting any better. After losing a road series against the rival Phillies, the Mets had the same fate with their home opener against the Washington Nationals.

            The big issue of the day: failing to produce with runners in scoring position. The Mets were 0-10 in that area, only scoring two runs, thanks to hits by Ike Davis and Lucas Duda.

            Another big problem was the pitching. The entire pitching staff together walked ten batters and gave up six runs off 9 hits, getting just six strike-outs.

            That’s basically all I can tell you about today’s game because I’m still sick and missed it; I just wrote this based on stats.  Hopefully better ones will be coming back soon! 

Game Results! Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here are the game results for Thursday, April 7th, 2011:

Red Sox-0, Indians-1

Astros-3, Reds-2

A’s-2, Blue Jays-1

Twins-3, Yankees-4

Rockies-7, Pirates-1

Braves-2, Brewers-4

Rays-1, White Sox-5

Mets-0, Phillies-11

Tigers-5, Orioles-9

Nationals-5, Marlins-3 (Final 11)

Game Results! Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here are the game results for Wednesday, April 6, 2011:

Angels-5, Devil Rays-1

Pirates-3, Cardinals-1

Mariners-3, Rangers-7

White Sox-10, Royals-7

D’Backs-6, Cubs-4

Dodgers-5, Rockies-7

Giants-8, Padres-4

A’s-3, Blue Jays-5

Mets-7, Phillies-10

Red Sox-4, Indians-8

Tigers-7, Orioles-3

Astros-4, Reds-14

Nationals-4, Marlins-7

Braves-4, Brewers-5

Game Results! Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Here are the game results for Tuesday, April 5th, 2011: 

D’Backs-5, Cubs-6

Giants-1, Padres-3

Angels-5, Rays-3

Red Sox-1, Indians-3

Twins-5, Yankees-4 (Final 10)

Mets-7, Phillies-1

A’s-6, Blue Jays-7 (Final 10)

Astros-2, Reds-8

Nationals-2, Marlins-3 (Final 10)

Mariners-2, Rangers-3

Braves-0, Brewers-1

White Sox-6, Royals-7 (Final 12)

Pirates-2, Cardinals-3

Dodgers-0, Rockies-3

Game Review: Mets @ Phillies April 5th, 2011

            The Mets do it again! The New York team beat the undefeated Phillies 7-1 today, largely in part to an amazing third inning.

            Philadelphia starting pitcher Cole Hamels only pitched 2 2/3 innings, giving up six runs in the third. The innings started with Mets pitcher Chris Young, who got on base with a single to left. Jose Reyes followed with a bunt. The two scored off a single by David Wright, who got up to bat after Angel Pagan was walked. During Scott Hairston’s at-bat, a passed ball allowed Pagan to score. Wright and Hairston then scored when Ike Davis hit a single to center field. Hairston and Davis scored the final two runs of the inning off of hits by Brad Emaus and again by Chris Young, respectively. Wright scored again in the sixth off a single by Hairston.

            Not only was Chris Young unexpectedly successful at bat, become the first Mets pitcher to get three hits in a game, but he had quite the defensive outing as well. Going 5 1/3 innings, Young put up seven strike outs on 103 pitches, allowing five hits and one run. The bullpen kept up with Young’s pace, and gave up 2 hits and earned 2 strike outs.

That’s three in a row for the Mets, all against division teams, which has helped tremendously for their standings. If they can continue with their success for this first month of baseball, especially considering they have six series against NL East teams, they will be sure to get a good head start in the division.

Game Results! Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Here are the game results for Friday, April 3rd, 2011:

White Sox-1, Indians-7

Tigers-10, Yankees-7

Twins-4, Blue Jays-3

Brewers-3, Reds-12

Mets-9, Marlins-2

Braves-11, Nationals-2

Astros-3, Phillies-7

Orioles-5, Rays-1

Red Sox-1, Rangers-5

Angels-9, Royals-12 (Final 13)

Padres-0, Cardinals-2

Pirates-5, Cubs-4

Mariners-1, A’s-7

Giants-5 , Dodgers-7

D’Backs/ Rockies Snowed Out

Mets Manager Review: Collins’ First Series as a Met

Hey everyone, Catherine here. I just wanted to take a few minutes and write a quick review about the new Mets manager, Terry Collins, after successfully completing his first series with the organization.

            There were two things I noticed right away that I like a lot. The first is that Collins has stressed the importance of giving his bench players game time. He’s given them a lot of opportunities to pinch hit, and he also started Dan Murphy at second base today after emphasizing that there won’t be a second-base rotation, just that Murphy just needed to see some more playing time. He also gave Carlos Beltran the day off after playing well last night, allowing both Lucas Duda and Willie Harris time to play.

            The second thing I noticed that I was impressed by took place during Saturday night’s game. Collins came out of the dugout to argue a questionable hit-by-pitch (I believe to Gaby Sanchez, but I may be mistaken). He didn’t get anything for the argument, but I’m glad he at least went out there, since I don’t think ex-manager Jerry Manuel would have.

            Those are the two big things that have stuck out in my mind so far. Overall, Terry has made good decision with the team, and I think he has a lot more up his sleeve waiting to impress us. His work has obviously paid off so far; the Mets are over .500 and won a road series for once (even if it is just three games into the season), so to that I say, “Bravo, Terry! Bravo!” If I had to give Collins a grade right now, I’d say he’s earned an A. Keep up the good work! 

Game Review: Mets @ Marlins April 3rd, 2011

           Who knew the Mets could actually play good baseball? The team continued their successful play from last night’s 6-4 win against the Marlins by beating them again today with a score of 9-2. Considering the way the team played in the season opener Friday night, it’s pretty safe to say that Mets have already begun to turn things around.

            The main difference between today’s game compared to the first two of the season was the first-inning success. Instead of Florida being the ones to score on their first chances at bat, the Mets were the ones to do so, scoring three runs in the first inning thanks to a two-run homer by Willie Harris, and a throwing error by Hanley Ramirez to bring in Ike Davis. Pitcher R.A. Dickey contributed to the success during the defensive halves of the innings, giving up five hits, one run, three walks, and earning seven strike-outs in six innings pitched.  

            The Amazins’ hot offense didn’t end after the first inning either. Davis had a solo home run in the third, followed by a double by Dan Murphy that brought in Angel Pagan, who reached base on a walk. Two more runs would come in that inning thanks to an error my Marlins’ third-baseman Emilio Bonifacio on a hit by Dickey, scoring Lucas Duda and Murphy. Five innings later, the fish walked Chin-Lung Hu in, and Harris scored on a failed fielder’s choice.

            The two Marlins runs came in during the third inning, when Omar Infante hit a sacrifice fly to Pagan scoring Scott Cousins, and later in the seventh inning when Infante scored on a single by Gaby Sanchez off of Mets reliever D.J. Carrasco. With just those two runs, the Marlins left fourteen on base, and were 3-for-14 with runners in scoring position.

            So with that victory came the first Mets series win of the season. Yes! The New York Mets actually won a road series before September rolled around! Mets fans, rejoice now…before the upcoming series against Philly arrives on Tuesday. 

                                                                           By Catherine 

Game Results! Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Here are all game results for Saturday, April 2nd, 2011:

Mets-6, Marlins-4 (Final 10)

Pirates-3, Cubs-5

Braves-3, Nationals-6

White Sox-8, Indians-3

Twins-1, Blue Jays-6

Angels-4, Royals-5

Giants-10, Dodgers-0

Padres-11, Cardinals-3

Tigers-6, Yankees-10

Astros-4, Phillies-9

Brewers-2, Reds-4

Orioles-3, Rays-1

Red Sox-5, Rangers-12

D’Backs-1, Rockies-3

Mariners-5, A’s-2