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Game Results! Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Here are the game results for Sunday, April 10, 2011:

Nationals-7, Mets-3 (Final 11)

Royals-9, Tigers-5

Rockies-6, Pirates-5

Rangers-3, Orioles-0

Phillies-3, Braves-0

Marlins-1, Astros-7

Rays-1, White Sox-6

A’s-5, Twins-3

Cubs-5, Brewers-6

Blue Jays-1, Angels-3

Dodgers-2, Padres-7

Cardinals-6, Giants-1

Indians-6, Mariners-4

Reds-8, D’Backs-10

Yankees-0, Red Sox-4

Game Results! Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here are the game results for Thursday, April 7th, 2011:

Red Sox-0, Indians-1

Astros-3, Reds-2

A’s-2, Blue Jays-1

Twins-3, Yankees-4

Rockies-7, Pirates-1

Braves-2, Brewers-4

Rays-1, White Sox-5

Mets-0, Phillies-11

Tigers-5, Orioles-9

Nationals-5, Marlins-3 (Final 11)

Game Results! Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here are the game results for Wednesday, April 6, 2011:

Angels-5, Devil Rays-1

Pirates-3, Cardinals-1

Mariners-3, Rangers-7

White Sox-10, Royals-7

D’Backs-6, Cubs-4

Dodgers-5, Rockies-7

Giants-8, Padres-4

A’s-3, Blue Jays-5

Mets-7, Phillies-10

Red Sox-4, Indians-8

Tigers-7, Orioles-3

Astros-4, Reds-14

Nationals-4, Marlins-7

Braves-4, Brewers-5

Game Results! Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Here are the game results for Tuesday, April 5th, 2011: 

D’Backs-5, Cubs-6

Giants-1, Padres-3

Angels-5, Rays-3

Red Sox-1, Indians-3

Twins-5, Yankees-4 (Final 10)

Mets-7, Phillies-1

A’s-6, Blue Jays-7 (Final 10)

Astros-2, Reds-8

Nationals-2, Marlins-3 (Final 10)

Mariners-2, Rangers-3

Braves-0, Brewers-1

White Sox-6, Royals-7 (Final 12)

Pirates-2, Cardinals-3

Dodgers-0, Rockies-3

Game Review: Mets @ Phillies April 5th, 2011

            The Mets do it again! The New York team beat the undefeated Phillies 7-1 today, largely in part to an amazing third inning.

            Philadelphia starting pitcher Cole Hamels only pitched 2 2/3 innings, giving up six runs in the third. The innings started with Mets pitcher Chris Young, who got on base with a single to left. Jose Reyes followed with a bunt. The two scored off a single by David Wright, who got up to bat after Angel Pagan was walked. During Scott Hairston’s at-bat, a passed ball allowed Pagan to score. Wright and Hairston then scored when Ike Davis hit a single to center field. Hairston and Davis scored the final two runs of the inning off of hits by Brad Emaus and again by Chris Young, respectively. Wright scored again in the sixth off a single by Hairston.

            Not only was Chris Young unexpectedly successful at bat, become the first Mets pitcher to get three hits in a game, but he had quite the defensive outing as well. Going 5 1/3 innings, Young put up seven strike outs on 103 pitches, allowing five hits and one run. The bullpen kept up with Young’s pace, and gave up 2 hits and earned 2 strike outs.

That’s three in a row for the Mets, all against division teams, which has helped tremendously for their standings. If they can continue with their success for this first month of baseball, especially considering they have six series against NL East teams, they will be sure to get a good head start in the division.

Game Results! Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Here are the game results for Friday, April 3rd, 2011:

White Sox-1, Indians-7

Tigers-10, Yankees-7

Twins-4, Blue Jays-3

Brewers-3, Reds-12

Mets-9, Marlins-2

Braves-11, Nationals-2

Astros-3, Phillies-7

Orioles-5, Rays-1

Red Sox-1, Rangers-5

Angels-9, Royals-12 (Final 13)

Padres-0, Cardinals-2

Pirates-5, Cubs-4

Mariners-1, A’s-7

Giants-5 , Dodgers-7

D’Backs/ Rockies Snowed Out

Game Results! Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Here are all game results for Saturday, April 2nd, 2011:

Mets-6, Marlins-4 (Final 10)

Pirates-3, Cubs-5

Braves-3, Nationals-6

White Sox-8, Indians-3

Twins-1, Blue Jays-6

Angels-4, Royals-5

Giants-10, Dodgers-0

Padres-11, Cardinals-3

Tigers-6, Yankees-10

Astros-4, Phillies-9

Brewers-2, Reds-4

Orioles-3, Rays-1

Red Sox-5, Rangers-12

D’Backs-1, Rockies-3

Mariners-5, A’s-2

Game Results! Friday, April 1, 2011

Here are the game results for April 1, 2011:

Astros-4, Phillies-5

Pirates-6, Cubs-3

White Sox-15, Indians-10

Red Sox-5, Rangers-9

D’Backs-7, Rockies-6 (Final 11)

Twins-3, Blue Jays-13

Orioles-4, Rays-1

Mets-2, Marlins-6

Angels-1, Royals-2

Mariners-6 ,A’s-2

Giants-3 ,Dodgers-4